Actors: 90210 Luke Perry, Daniel Ramos, Stephen Baldwin

Actor: Steve Guttenberg & 2nd Assistant Director 2nd Unit Daniel Ramos filming in Austin, Texas 1995.

Daniel Ramos, Selena's: Pete Astudillo

Actress: Jennifer Lopez, 2nd 2nd AD: Daniel Ramos

Actors: Cynthia Geary & Danny Ramos

Director: John G. Avildsen, Asst. to Director: Daniel Ramos

1996 "Selena" feature film with Director Gregory Nava, Jennifer Lopez, Edward James Olmos, A.B. Quintanilla, Pete Astudillo                                                             Daniel Ramos - 2nd Second Assistant Director


Screening  John G. Avildsen: "King of the Underdogs" documentary in Beverly Hills, Ca.

Actor: Edward James Olmos & Daniel Ramos

Academy Award Winner Director; John G. Avildsen win Best Director in 1976 for "Rocky".

Camera Operator on a Reality Show titled: "Pool Kings" in Texas.

​Daniel "Danny" Ramos - DGA

1991 "Knight Rider 2000" TV Movie NBC / Universal Television with Actor David Hasselhoff filmed at the Rivercenter Mall and the Tower of the Americas / Hemisfair Park in San Antonio, Texas. Actor Daniel Ramos was a SA Police Officer & Precision Driver / Passenger as another police car explodes in fire on Grayson Street.

Daniel Ramos on the set of "SELENA" movie.

Selena's Brother A.B. Quintanilla, Daniel Ramos & Ricky Valenz

Producers: Andrew Saldana, Aaron Lee Lopez, Daniel Ramos & Academy Award winning Director: John G. Avildsen

2016 "Birth of a Killer" Short Film with Actor Ricardo Chavira & Sebastien De La Cruz, Written & Directed by Daniel Maldonado                                                               Daniel Ramos - Executive Producer

1993 "8 Seconds" feature film with Academy Award Director John G. Avildsen, Luke Perry, Stephen Baldwin & Cynthia Geary

                                                             Daniel Ramos - Assistant to the Director

Television, Motion Pictures, Documentaries, Commercials, Reality TV & Music Videos

​2017 "Paparazzi: Full Throttle LA" is an Award Winning Documentary available on VOD Worldwide. Watch now on Amazon, Vudu, Microsoft, Google Play. Directed by Daniel Ramos & Produced by Daniel Ramos, Aaron Lee Lopez

1995 "The Big Green" feature film with Actor, Steve Gutenberg, Directed by Holly Goldberg Sloan                                                               Daniel Ramos - 2nd Assistant Director 2nd Unit

2017 "Colossal Youth" Independent Feature Film with Actors Jesse Borrego, Riker Lynch, Kimmy Caruso & Troy Osterberg, Written & Directed by: Scott Leisk, Written & Produced by: Aaron Lee Lopez, Associate Producer: Daniel Ramos

2017 Reality TV Show "Pool Kings" on DIY Network             

Daniel Ramos - 2nd Unit Cameraman

Academy Award Winning Director: John G. Avildsen, Actor: Danny Ramos filming my scene as a bartender in the movie.