Actors: 90210 Luke Perry, Daniel Ramos, Stephen Baldwin

Camera Operator on a Reality Show titled: "Pool Kings" in Texas.

Actor: Steve Guttenberg & 2nd Assistant Director 2nd Unit Daniel Ramos filming in Austin, Texas 1995.

​Daniel "Danny" Ramos - DGA

1996 "Selena" feature film with Director Gregory Nava, Jennifer Lopez, Edward James Olmos, A.B. Quintanilla, Pete Astudillo                                                             Daniel Ramos - 2nd Second Assistant Director

Daniel Ramos, Selena's: Pete Astudillo

Actors: Cynthia Geary & Danny Ramos

​2017 "Paparazzi: Full Throttle LA" is an Award Winning Documentary available on VOD Worldwide. Watch now on Amazon, Vudu, Microsoft, Google Play. Directed by Daniel Ramos & Produced by Daniel Ramos, Aaron Lee Lopez


Daniel Ramos on the set of "SELENA" movie.

1993 "8 Seconds" feature film with Academy Award Director John G. Avildsen, Luke Perry, Stephen Baldwin & Cynthia Geary

                                                             Daniel Ramos - Assistant to the Director

Actor: Edward James Olmos & Daniel Ramos

1991 "Knight Rider 2000" TV Movie NBC / Universal Television with Actor David Hasselhoff filmed at the Rivercenter Mall and the Tower of the Americas / Hemisfair Park in San Antonio, Texas. Actor Daniel Ramos was a SA Police Officer & Precision Driver / Passenger as another police car explodes in fire on Grayson Street.

2017 Reality TV Show "Pool Kings" on DIY Network             

Daniel Ramos - 2nd Unit Cameraman

2016 "Birth of a Killer" Short Film with Actor Ricardo Chavira & Sebastien De La Cruz, Written & Directed by Daniel Maldonado                                                               Daniel Ramos - Executive Producer

Television, Motion Pictures, Documentaries, Commercials, Reality TV & Music Videos

Daniel Tosh, Chris Crocker and actor Daniel Ramos

"Leave Britney Alone"

2017 "Colossal Youth" Independent Feature Film with Actors Jesse Borrego, Riker Lynch, Kimmy Caruso & Troy Osterberg, Written & Directed by: Scott Leisk, Written & Produced by: Aaron Lee Lopez, Associate Producer: Daniel Ramos

Academy Award Winner Director; John G. Avildsen win Best Director in 1976 for "Rocky".

1995 "The Big Green" feature film with Actor, Steve Gutenberg, Directed by Holly Goldberg Sloan                                                               Daniel Ramos - 2nd Assistant Director 2nd Unit

Selena's Brother A.B. Quintanilla, Daniel Ramos & Ricky Valenz

Academy Award Winning Director: John G. Avildsen, Actor: Danny Ramos filming my scene as a bartender in the movie.

Director: John G. Avildsen, Asst. to Director: Daniel Ramos

Producers: Andrew Saldana, Aaron Lee Lopez, Daniel Ramos & Academy Award winning Director: John G. Avildsen

Actress: Jennifer Lopez, 2nd 2nd AD: Daniel Ramos

Screening  John G. Avildsen: "King of the Underdogs" documentary in Beverly Hills, Ca.